The major benefits of digital signage for your restaurant

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Paper poster menu boards should be consigned to the bin – literally.

Digital signage technology is the affordable alternative which creates a great guest experience as well as saving you the tedium, time and materials of printing new poster menus every time there is a new menu change.

It can also be used front of house and outside the restaurant for promotion.

Let’s look at some of the benefits:

1. It’s easy to make changes

Making regular menu on a paper menu board is time-consuming, costly and inconvenient especially for a chain of restaurants. Every time you make a small change you need to get the designer to redesign the menu, then pay for printing and distribution and then, of course, a staff member needs to display the new menu – a real waste of resources.

With digital signage you have full control and you can make changes at the click of a button. Available as an add-on to the Aloha restaurant POS software, our digital signage can be updated from any remote location and across multiple sites – instantly.

In just a few clicks you can:

  • Update prices, specials, nutritional information, and new items
  • Create eye-catching content in minutes
  • Send immediate menu updates to all your sites
2. Great for marketing

The digital signage is much more eye-catching than a traditional paper poster. As well as menu items, you can use the screens to display enticing videos of special offers.

We recommend that you look at taking your marketing messages outside to attract passing trade. With dirt and water-resistant, vandal proof and high visibility construction the digital signs are ideal for all weather conditions. Tempt hungry diners in with your special offers.

3. Generate more revenue

As well as marketing, the digital signs are also great selling aids particularly when they are integrated with the restaurant POS software. When the two are linked, you can easily display complimentary menu items.

This is great for profits. Easily display additional sauces or complimentary wine pairings with the meal and as diners eat with their eyes this is likely to be more appealing than a static piece of text.

4. Reduce operating costs

Like the restaurant POS software, the digital signage is an item of expenditure which pays for itself and quickly.

Hiring designers and paying printers is expensive and if you have to update your menu you have to repeat that cost again and again. The digital signage puts you in control and you’ll never have to worry about throwing out menus again because they have come back from the printers with a typo – just change it in an instant.

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5. It’s flexible (and automated)

With digital signage you never need to worry about updating the daily specials.

The dayparting feature gives you the flexibility to offer pre-set menus, item rotation and special offers based on the time of day – great for offering lunchtime specials, for example. All fully automated – so set it and forget it.

6. It improves customer service

Both delivery drivers and customers can see the status of orders on the digital signs so you can manage their expectations of wait times. You can also avoid front of house congestion by directing guests to the correct pick-up points.

Integration with the restaurant POS software enables you to show customers their order and enable them to confirm their order details. Display tempting promos and high-ticket items at the same time.

7. Displaying calorie counts and allergens

The digital signage gives you a great opportunity to display calorie counts and any allergen information.

Also, when recipes change then any minor calorific changes can be updated instantly.

8. Create a consistent brand experience

The cloud-based content management solution enables you to make menu changes across your estate from anywhere. As well as being convenient, this feature also enables you to create a consistent brand image across your whole operation.

Or, if you prefer, you can also localise the menu. The choice is yours.


Digital signage is a great addition to your restaurant POS software. It can save time and money as well increasing your marketing exposure, driving upsells and improving customer service.

Contact us today so we can discuss the best configuration of digital signage to meet your needs.

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