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Technology can seem overwhelming these days. A simple Google search for “EPOS software” generates over 10 million results.

While evaluating EPOS software may seem like a daunting task it is a vital exercise. With the nature of the restaurant industry in a state of rapid and lasting change now is the time to think carefully about replacing outdated legacy solutions.

Let’s look at five reasons for reconsidering EPOS software.

1. Opens Up The New World Of Mobile payments

The world of restaurant payments has moved on. Guests no longer want to wait for a server to hand them a bill and then process a payment – they are seeking a more frictionless and efficient way of paying their bill.

The new breed of mobile payment solutions enables guests to pay straight from their mobile device and with the bill automatically emailed to them there is no waiting about.

This offers the best of both worlds – a great experience for your guests and the capability for you to increase table turns.

While the EPOS software processes the mobile payments your staff are now free to invert their time in serving other guests. A win-win all round.

2. Capitalise On Online Ordering

Online delivery

Online ordering has exploded in popularity. This trend is set to continue and the food delivery market segment is forecast to be worth £12.6 billion by 2024.

In order to capitalise on this exciting trend you need to have an EPOS software solution that is fully integrated with your online offering – whether through your own website or through third-party apps.

The new breed of EPOS software solutions are central to a wider ecosystem for optimised and efficient online delivery including:

  • Mobile payments
  • Kitchen automation
  • Branded mobile apps
  • Seamless integration with third party delivery apps

With this ecosystem you can extend your reach far beyond your immediate catchment area and build a steady income stream. Savvy operators are expanding their online delivery empire even further with delivery kitchens proving an inexpensive yet lucrative way to grow their customer base at a fraction of a cost of opening a new restaurant.

3. Greater Flexibility

Thanks to the innovation of enterprise EPOS software you don’t even need to be on site to manage your operation. You can manage everything from home or, if you prefer, from a mobile device.

Thanks to cloud-based software, it is possible for you to have all your sales, labour and stock information at your fingertips. For multiple sites you can pool all this information in one easy to read dashboard.

As well as gaining a wealth of valuable data, you can also save time. For example, you can manage all your marketing and loyalty programs straight out of the system for one site or for a whole group with the flexibility to run local and/or national campaigns.

Another great time saver is the ability to make menu changes at the flick of a few buttons. For operators who have integrated their EPOS software with digital signage these changes are instant – saves on printing costs too.

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4. Increased Speed Of Service

As we mentioned, the EPOS software is the central piece in your integrated technology arsenal.

Integrating your EPOS software with handheld ordering and kitchen automation gives you a competitive edge as orders can sent straight through to the kitchen once the orders are taken on the handheld terminals. 100% accuracy minimises wastage the errors inherent in manual order taking processes.

With no margins for error, the integration creates a fast and efficient operation and frees up your waiting staff to attend to other guests. No more rushing between the dining room and kitchen to deliver or chase up orders.

5. Data Analysis

Today’s EPOS software does far more than process receipts. With a wealth of data ranging from sales to labour to loyalty to stock to marketing you are equipped with all the information you need to make proactive management decisions based on accurate information.

You can easily measure, for example, how your loyalty campaigns are performing and see at a glance what revenue uplift they are contributing across all your sites in one easy to analyse report.

For operators looking to rationalise costs, triangulating several data sets will produce the optimum results for increasing operating margins.

Check our detailed blog about data analysis for specific hints, tips and actionable ideas to get the most out of your data.


EPOS software has exponentially evolved from the till systems and legacy point of sale terminals of yesteryear.

With new challenges and opportunities such as the growth of online ordering and the consumer demand for mobile payment solutions now is the time to seriously rethink how technology can drive your business forward.

For more insight into how technology can help your growth plans check our recent Restaurant Leaders Handbook.

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