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Our Quick Service solution is designed for today’s frenetic fast food environment. Your servers can quickly select individual menu items and meal combos at the touch of a button. Other features, such as automated upselling, kitchen video and loyalty will ensure that you have all the tools you require to increase your revenue.

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    You will discover:

    • Rapid hand held ordering to increase table turns
    • Web based business intelligence for dynamic decision making in real time
    • Fraud control to increase your bottom line
    • Advanced marketing and loyalty programme creation
    • Enhanced labour and stock control

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    • How simple it is to take orders and process transactions using the intuitive user interface
    • The benefits of the labour management and stock control solution to significantly lower operating costs
    • The benefits of the enterprise reporting and how it can effect change rapidly across several sites
    • The ease of use of hand held ordering and how it increases table turns and profit
    • How loyalty can play a part in increasing life time value of your guests

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Aloha quick service to boost restaurant
service and increase sales

Aloha Quick Service Delivers

Tailor-made solution

Specifically designed for the fast food industry

Ease of Use

Intuitive to use, training time is kept to a minimum

Increased sales

Servers can upsell add-on items during the transaction

Customised Loyalty Programmes

Improve customer retention with customised rewards

Integrated Back Office

Quickly monitor and evaluate your restaurant performance

Cost Control

Keep a close eye on stock and labour and reduce waste

Benefits of using Aloha Quick Service Software

  • With the power of Aloha Quick Service software at their fingertips, your staff can be sure to give your customers the perfect service.
  • The software is designed for the fast food industry, and it’s so easy to use the training time is minimal – they can swiftly return to serving your customers.
  • As well as prompting your staff to upsell add-on items during the transaction, increasing your revenue, the software integrates tightly with your back office so you can monitor both labour costs and stock levels to be sure everything is running efficiently and within budget

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