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The Revolutionary Restaurant POS Software

Aloha restaurant POS software has over 140,000 users worldwide.

The restaurant POS systems are easy to use and affordable yet powerful enough to manage many of the world’s leading restaurant brands.

Far from a humble cash register, it is an ever-evolving restaurant POS software solution with many new features designed for the changing needs of today’s top restaurateurs.

From mobile payments to customer tableside ordering to delivery and takeaway delivery, the restaurant POS systems are capable of managing all aspects of your business, and with a cloud-based back office enterprise management suite, Aloha’s restaurant POS software gives you every information you want at the fingertips to not just survive but to thrive.

Backed by an exceptional and award-winning helpdesk, your investment in pos system software is safe with us.

Restaurant POS software

Who we serve

Aloha restaurant POS software is used by many of the world’s leading groups with many household names relying on it to manage their entire global operation.


Groups using the Aloha restaurant POS systems include Brew dog, Nando’s, Dennys, Burger King, Shake Shack, Dunkin’ Donuts, Five Guys, Din Tai Fung, Dishoom, Hawksmoor, Gaucho and My Lahore. Whether you are a fine dining or quick service group, we have something to offer you.

Key features and benefits

Aloha chain restaurant software is known for professionally managing your entire back house operations. You will be amazed at its technology – from stock control and purchasing to labour management and payroll; the innovative pos restaurant solution automates your manual processes to help you focus on running the business seamlessly.

As the back of house operations are taken care of with our restaurant POS systems, you can now spend your time and energy on the front of the house – features such as table-side ordering, loyalty programmes and marketing allow your guests to come back for more.
Restaurant POS software

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Download a copy of the Aloha brochure where you can discover more about how it can transform your restaurant

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    • Features include

      restaurant POS software, Restaurant POS Software, Aloha EPOS

      Fraud prevention

      Our Restaurant Guard solution alerts you immediately to any suspicious activity – stop staff from cheating you out of your profits.

      restaurant POS software, Restaurant POS Software, Aloha EPOS

      Labour control

      Get accurate reporting of labour, forecast future labour needs accurately based on historical data, create rotas quickly and give staff self-access to their rotas.

      restaurant POS software, Restaurant POS Software, Aloha EPOS

      Stock control

      see real-time reports related to stock movements, produce alerts on stock variance and also automate purchasing. Daily reports can be fetched on the stock mix and gross profits. Direct vendor connections accelerate the stock ordering process and completely eradicates needless paperwork and friction.

      restaurant POS software, Restaurant POS Software, Aloha EPOS

      Allergen control

      Aside from the health effects an allergic reaction can have serious repercussions for your business. Luckily, that is not a concern with our software as allergen control is built into the stock control solution – full traceability of ingredients is assured.

      restaurant POS software, Restaurant POS Software, Aloha EPOS

      Menu updates

      Save hours of time – Aloha enables you to update your whole estate’s menus instantly with full integration to digital signage platforms as well. Quickly push out promo offers.

      restaurant POS software, Restaurant POS Software, Aloha EPOS

      Tableside ordering

      Our mobile devices are meticulously crafted for the hospitality environment. Hence, you can offer your customers an excellent opportunity to order and pay from their own devices. Either way – you’re going to speed up efficiency as all orders are sent straight through to the kitchen.

      restaurant POS software, Restaurant POS Software, Aloha EPOS

      Loyalty and marketing

      Repeat business is the lifeblood of any restaurant. Create sophisticated campaigns to your loyal customers and prospective diners with Aloha. All controlled reliably from head office with the adaptability to drive localised campaigns if you prefer

      restaurant POS software, Restaurant POS Software, Aloha EPOS

      Takeaway ordering

      Our Aloha Now solution was developed to meet the needs of restaurants during Corvid 19. It’s been a runaway success. As well as take away, the solution assists mobile payments with full integration to kitchen automation and dark kitchens – a true technological breakthrough.

      Restaurant POS software

      Benefits include

      Reduced overtime – with an accurate view of labour you can eliminate unnecessary, and costly, overtime
      Simplified payroll – with all hours worked – or not - tracked through the system the process of generating payroll becomes much simpler than before
      Better purchasing decisions – you can now implement efficient purchasing strategies with a clear-cut snapshot of stock
      Increased revenues – get set to run successful loyalty and marketing programmes across your estate
      New revenue streams – allows you to tap into the demand for takeaway
      Faster table turns – service gets accelerated with comfortable mobile tableside ordering and payment
      Increased gross profits – even slight reductions in staff fraud might reinvigorate your bottom line
      A 360-degree view of your business – drill-down and see the potential KPIs for all your outlets in real-time from anywhere and anytime.
      Restaurant POS software

      Management information in the palm of your hand

      A key part of running any business is being able to have access to accurate, actionable and real-time information. The Pulse app offers all of this, and more, while being designed as a mobile app. Good news is that you no longer need to be stuck to your laptop or office PC as you can access and assess your business KPIs anytime and anywhere you like.

      Pulse features include:

      • Potential to breakdown net sales by hour, day part, revenue centre, category, and order made
      • Flawless and seamless integration with other solutions including Restaurant Guard and Customer Voice (specifically for social media reputation management)
      • The ability to handle employee overtime along with labour views and alerts
      • Identification of items not being rung in through immediate check viewing

      Pulse benefits:

      • Easily track employee efficiency
      • Decrease comps and voids by being alerted to high amounts as they occur
      • Anticipate and respond to negative social media sentiment

      Award-winning service

      We challenge ourselves to deliver an exceptional service for our clients. With several years’ experience in both restaurant management as well as IT, our helpdesk staff are well positioned to offer technical assistance underpinned with industry knowledge. Our helpdesk is available 24/7 and 365 days a year – staffed by humans and by phone, so you never have to waste time getting an answer from a chatbot – it’s instant help when it’s required critically.

      Our helpdesk staff are all educated to degree level, many to postgraduate level, with many of them achieving project management qualifications such as PRINCE 2 as well as undertaking regular product training so that they can share the best expertise. You can rest assured that even the most complex implementation involving many sites and integrations will go without a hitch.

      The assistance doesn’t limit at the help desk – as a part of our significant client care programme; all our clients enjoy regular calls and visits from their dedicated account manager. The advice we give is totally unbiased and consultative. We are not tied to one supplier, and our recommendations are formed on the basis of your operational and technical needs going forward. Any concerns about our POS software for restaurant – UK and beyond are resolved promptly and efficiently. We believe in building long term relationships demonstrated by the fact many of our clients have been with us for nearly twenty years.

      Don’t just take our word for it – hear what Martin Williams, the CEO of Rare Restaurants, has to say about our service and capabilities:

      “Aloha has been a reliable and well-supported restaurant technology platform for the business, and we have managed to complete integrations to important solutions used across the Group, for example; Loyalty and Stock management.”

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      Yes. This is gaining huge popularity with both guests and operators. Our Aloha Now solution offers an easy solution for guests to pay and leave with no need to install an app.

      Indeed we do. The Aloha restaurant POS software fully supports the operation of dark kitchens with a fully streamlined delivery process as well as being integrated with the back of house solution.

      With our POS software for restaurant – UK, and other locations, you have all your group’s data at your fingertips through an intuitive web interface. Sales analysis and forecasting can be done anywhere with an available internet connection, due to which rapid operational decisions can be made easily. Our mobile app means you can easily take that information on-site with you for immediate action.

      Aloha restaurant POS software accurately forecasts the needed labour based on historical patterns. The solution also tracks worked and non-worked hours so that payroll can be easily processed.

      The plethora of features of restaurant POS systems (UK) includes inventory control, labour management, automation of manual processes, and handling the entire restaurant operations.

      Restaurant POS software is a point of sale system that processes transactions at restaurants. Restaurant POS systems UK is used to track sales, cash flow, and food inventory to simplify the restaurant’s bookkeeping.

      The POS software handles the entire restaurant operations with a cloud-based back-office enterprise management suite. The restaurant POS systems UK enables restaurant staff to take orders and process billing.

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