Get the jolly holly effect – 7 secrets of seasonal success with restaurant EPOS software

Ding-Dong! The festive season is in full action with restaurants and hotels already bursting at the seams – but are you perfectly placed get the best out of this year’s jolly holly effect?
If you’re not sure, don’t worry!

We’ve come up with a great guide to 7 secrets of seasonal success – and it’s all thanks to getting the best out of your restaurant EPOS software.

  1. Labour – Christmas present?
  2. Christmas stocking
  3. Marketing – the gift that keeps on giving
  4. Mobile ordering – in, out
  5. Party people – handling big groups
  6. Voice/online ordering – is Alexa really Santa?
  7. Fraud prevention – the one no-one wants to think about

Labour – who’s Christmas present?

It’s tricky to get staffing levels right at the best of times, and those flat-out holiday periods can be the worst. Your restaurant EPOS software helps by capturing data that identifies exactly when you are busiest and forecasting how many staff you need present at any time.

Christmas stocking.

A horrible pun but a serious issue – no-one wants to be throwing away wasted stock or running out of popular ingredients. EPOS reports show best-sellers and predict trends so your procurement more closely matches your needs.

Marketing – the gift that keeps on giving.

Yes, this period is usually busy, but there’s also a lot of competition. Take the opportunity to capture diner data so you can create targeted email offers that appeal to their preferences – now and for 2020. Free bottle of Cava with that extra booking, anyone?

Mobile ordering – in, out

No need for your serving staff to do the hokey-cokey back and forth to the kitchen with orders. Restaurant EPOS software gives them handheld devices so they can take orders at tableside and send them straight to the kitchen for swift delivery. Links to kitchen automation, too.

Party people – handling big groups.

No problems dealing with the office party; restaurant EPOS software means getting large groups seated is far more efficient, increasing table turn, and also makes splitting bills and taking payment at tableside simple.

Voice/online ordering – is Alexa really Santa?

Well, if guests can order via their Alexa or your website, enabled by our EPOS system, guaranteed delivery is definitely on the cards (even if it won’t come down the chimney!)

Fraud prevention – the one no-one wants to think about

Bah humbug. But because the festive season is so busy, it can be a prime time for staff fraud. Luckily, a restaurant EPOS system makes sure all transactions are so well recorded it’s difficult to steal – and it even flags up suspicious behaviour patterns.

The good news is, all the festive season benefits your EPOS system brings go on working right throughout the year. And with a tasty menu, great service and the right technology behind you, you’ll be hearing jingle bells throughout 2020 – and that will be just your till

Happy hospitality holiday season, everyone!

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