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Running a multi-site business can be challenging – you need to monitor key performance indicators such as sales, food and labour costs for each site. With Aloha you have all that individual data at your fingertips through an intuitive web interface. Sales analysis and forecasting can be done anywhere where there is an internet connection so operational decisions can be made rapidly.

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    You will discover:

    • Rapid hand held ordering to increase table turns
    • Web based business intelligence for dynamic decision making in real time
    • Fraud control to increase your bottom line
    • Advanced marketing and loyalty programme creation
    • Enhanced labour and stock control

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    • The benefits of the enterprise reporting and how it can effect change rapidly across several sites
    • The ease of use of hand held ordering and how it increases table turns and profit
    • How loyalty can play a part in increasing life time value of your guests

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Manage sales and operation with actionable
data at your fingertips

Aloha Head Office Management Software Delivers

Availability anytime and anywhere

Our hosted solution offers access wherever there’s an internet connection

Low Cost of Ownership

Available on a rental basis, so there’s no capital expenditure or extra IT equipment

Real time reporting

Drill-down analysis for sales and operations with forecasting and comparison reporting

Automated reporting

With scheduled reports, you know management tasks are covered

Multi-site Updates

Control inventory levels, item costs, menus and recipes from one location

Labour Cost Control

Get accurate labour needs forecasts and create efficient schedules

Benefits Of Our Head Office Management Software

  • The larger your business the more complex it is to organise and co-ordinate it – particularly if you manage multiple sites
  • Using Aloha restaurant head office management software gives you access to all the data you need to run your operation efficiently, wherever you are
  • As it’s a hosted solution, you can use it anywhere you have an internet connection. This ensures you can reduce duplication of head office-type functions across your business, saving costs and time
  • Comprehensive reports also make sure you have an end-to-end view of your whole business, so informed decisions become easy to make and highly effective, and the guesswork is taken out of planning ahead.

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