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And there’s so much more to Aloha than just restaurant EPOS

As the UK restaurant industry is developing to meet the changing needs of its customers, the leading restaurant EPOS software is evolving too, enabling establishments to implement dynamic pricing and take advantage of other innovations and trends as they arise.
Aloha EPOS – it’s the restaurant EPOS system that’s designed to give you the edge over your competitors.
Want to know more? Ask us what Aloha restaurant EPOS can do for your restaurant – we’re here to help.
What can an Aloha restaurant EPOS system do for you?

What can an Aloha restaurant EPOS system do for you?

It’s restaurant EPOS – but it’s also far more than that. Aloha’s EPOS system for restaurants with its easy hand-held technology and advanced functions, can help with the whole customer journey – from reservations and seating to ordering, billing and even loyalty.

As one of the leading EPOS system for restaurants, Aloha helps you keep track of your stock and manage your labour – and its outstanding web-based reporting gives you deep insight into how your business is functioning.

It can even help you prevent staff fraud – and help you monitor your reputation on social media.

epos system for restaurants

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      Mobile ordering with an Aloha’ EPOS system for restaurants

      With Aloha’s robust handheld technology, serving staff can send orders, generate bills and process card payments right at the tableside.

      Aloha Orderman 7 hardware is designed specially for the hospitality industry – it handles over 15 million transactions every day – and the system also works with other leading devices including iPad and smartphones

      Aloha EPOS system for restaurants promotes upselling opportunities by providing your staff with prompts as they take orders, and it also ensures speedy service – accurate orders are sent direct to the kitchen and bar, where they can be fulfilled immediately. Payments can be taken on debit and credit cards or apps, with bill splitting simple.

      That’s good news for today’s busy diners, who want a rapid experience, and it also means your table turn is increased.

      Aloha makes guest management a breeze

      • Aloha’s clever EPOS system for restaurants can set your establishment apart from the competition thanks to its guest management abilities.
      • With Aloha EPOS system for restaurants, you can match party size to table size, reduce empty tables and maximise meal revenue. The system provides up-to-date statistics on waiting and seated parties – and emails guests when their table is available. It means guest expectations of wait times can be managed, and reduces walk-outs.
      • Afterwards, comprehensive data means you can identify repeat and VIP guests and create targeted offers you know will hit the mark.

      The restaurant EPOS system that keeps stock control tight

      • Keep food and drink costs down with Aloha’s accurate purchase forecasting, automated reporting and real-time management reporting – all presented as simple-to-view graphics.
      • Easy cost comparisons become possible. You can analyse actual and theoretical stock levels, and calculate future sales amounts, product mix and guest count.
      • You’ll even get alerts on unexpected issues as they arise – alongside tips to solve them.

      Addressing the labour challenge with Aloha EPOS Restaurant Software

      • Attracting and retaining good staff is a constant battle in the restaurant industry, and with costs rising constantly it’s crucial to make sure you have the right number of staff on at the right time.
      • Aloha EPOS system for restaurants helps you schedule staff effortlessly so you can keep labour costs down – while keeping customers perfectly satisfied.
      • The software reduces unnecessary overtime and employee admin, and forecasts labour to maximise productivity.

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        Restaurant EPOS (electronic point of sale) such as Aloha by NFS is a restaurant management system that provides comprehensive reports that give a complete view of operations and sales in real time, even in a multi-site group.

        Restaurant EPOS software is so important because it speeds up transactions at the front of the house, ensures accurate guest billing, manages inventory, controls labour, manages guests, and prevents staff fraud.

        The advantages of using restaurant EPOS software are that it eliminates human error, it makes it easy to split bills, it speeds service, and help to create a great guest experience. Integration with back-office systems enables you to control stock and manage payroll more efficiently.

        An EPOS system requires dedicated hardware such as a terminal or handheld device. All guest transactions are logged in the software and they can be easily be reported on by management. They can be used to accurately record inventory and historical sales data is used to accurately forecast the labour required.

        EPOS software helps a business in two ways. Firstly, it enables staff to process orders far more efficiently at the front of the house. Secondly, it gives management a wealth of accurate transactional data as well as giving them historical stock and labour data enabling them to accurately forecast future inventory and staffing requirements.

        The full form of EPOS is Electronic Point of Sale. Replacing the more traditional till system, it is a computerised solution that is used by many retail and hospitality outlets. Integration with other platforms such as accounting and payroll makes it a far more powerful and useful solution than a traditional till.

        The cost of a POS system depends on the restaurant’s needs. It may vary based on factors such as number of users, software and hardware requirements, whether the restaurant has multiple outlets, etc.

        A restaurant POS system enables the business to accept payments, take orders from customers, track sales and inventory, and manage labour.

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