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The speed of customer service is one of the ways your restaurant can keep guests happy, create competitive advantage and boost profitability. Our restaurant EPoS kitchen automation solution generates improved accuracy, less wastage and fewer voices – and saves on average two hours a day in labour time. What’s more, by moving to kitchen video systems can save on printer costs such as ink, paper and maintenance.
NFS offer two solutions for improving kitchen production – Aloha and QSR. We have implemented kitchen automation for several clients – read our latest recent wins for more information.

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    • Rapid hand held ordering to increase table turns
    • Web based business intelligence for dynamic decision making in real time
    • Fraud control to increase your bottom line
    • Advanced marketing and loyalty programme creation
    • Enhanced labour and stock control

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    • The ease of use of hand held ordering and how it increases table turns and profit
    • How loyalty can play a part in increasing life time value of your guests

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Kitchen automation to drive service efficiency, order accuracy and staff productivity

Aloha Restaurant EPoS Kitchen Automation Software Delivers:

Guest Satisfaction

Deliver accurate orders based on their specific requirements

Fewer Kitchen Errors

Improve order accuracy, eliminate food wastage and create consistency

Easy Use

Customisable kitchen display with an easy-to-view graphical screen

Reduced Staff Costs

Clear view of requirements means scheduling works better

Quick Service

Control and be aware of check times while they are on the line

Effective Managment

Optimise kitchen performance and increase productivity based on data

QSR Delivers:

  • Automation – A highly graphical automation solution that you can easily customise
  • Real Time Access – To speed of service information
  • Customistaion – Of routing and display attributes of every item and order on screen
  • Powerful Reporting – Quickly compare critical production and speed data
  • Streamlined Operations – Improve table turns, ticket times and food quality
  • Menu Display – Display menu cards and recipes within the solution to cut down on print costs.

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