Aloha Restaurant Guard: Identifying and preventing Scams

Employee theft is one of the biggest drains on your bottom line. Fraud can also harm your reputation with your patrons.Aloha Restaurant Guard is the real-time solution to stamping out fraud and ensuring that your customers have a safe environment where they can rest assured they, and you, are not being scammed.

Restaurant Guard enabling you to maximise profitability by reducing fraudulent activity

Aloha Restaurant Guard Fraud Prevention Software Delivers:

Real Time Protection

Monitor transactions in real time to spot fraudulent activity at the terminal.

Strong Deterrent

Staff know Restaurant Guard’s reports and analytics expose suspicious activity

Workforce Management

Highlight individual staff performance to motivate your team

Better Control

Prevent theft recurring – operational controls adapt continually to reflect theft patterns

Improved Profit

Less theft equals more profit

Happier Customers

Customers appreciate you keeping their credit card details safe

Benefits of using Aloha restaurant guard fraud prevention software

  • No-one wants to think about fraud and theft, but unfortunately they are often a downside that needs to be considered because they can have such an adverse impact on your business, reputation and customers
  • Of course, most staff are completely trustworthy, but Aloha restaurant guard fraud prevention software will help you to weed out any bad apples that unfortunately come your way. It also gives you useful performance reports to help you motivate your team
  • Your customers also benefit hugely from Aloha restaurant guard. Identity theft is a major concern for many members of the public, and the software can help you reassure your guests that their important details and credit card details are in safe hands
  • The overall result of fraud prevention is the protection of your revenue, and also protection for your organisation’s brand and reputation – a crucial element of your continuing success.

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