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Welcome to our NFS hospitality news roundup for 2021!

New clients – and new developments
for leading brands


We were delighted to see large sections of the hospitality sector spring back into action. Many had thought hard about evolving their operations and decided it was time to deploy state-of-the-art EPOS and restaurant management software.

NFS is honoured to have been chosen by many new clients to provide the latest generation of restaurant technology.

They include:
  • Marugame – opened their first European restaurant, in London
  • Marco Pierre White – opened restaurant in the West End for the first time in over 10 years
  • Archies – the coolest hang-out for food lovers and those with a sweet tooth.
We’re also excited to be reporting on how our longstanding clients have weathered the storm and far more, opening new branches and expanding their business.
They include:
  • Brewdog – Continue their rapid growth
  • Dishoom – Ranked #4 Best Company To Work For 2021
  • Big Easy – Grows to 5 restaurants across London

Developing new solutions to meet changing demands

In 2021, the restaurant industry has seen huge changes in the marketplace, and in the behaviour and requirements of consumers.

Restaurants have had to tackle potential resistance to eating out, and need to provide customers with increased digital services such as
online ordering.

NFS has responded with a suite of developments that enhance our core Aloha EPOS offering, already used by thousands of operators worldwide.

They include:
  • Integration with Harri – With a finite resource such as labour your technology toolkit must include a robust solution for managing staff schedules. Supporting scheduling with data insights is the most efficient and cost-effective way to ensure customer service levels are as high as possible. This effective tool is now integrated with your Aloha restaurant EPOS system.
  • Online ordering solutions – Integration with mobile ordering and payment solutions such as Qikserve or OneDine offer many advantages. Guests have greater control over their payment experience, tables are turned faster, payments are 100% accurate and staff can concentrate on providing exceptional guest service leaving Aloha to take care of the admin.
  • Aloha Open API Store – By opening up its APIs, Aloha has empowered NFS partners and clients such as Chilled Pubs to create their own engaging digital experience for their guests, a mobile ordering solution.
  • Integration to ResDiary – The Aloha 2 way integration to ResDiary not only allows the ability pull customer bookings to your Aloha restaurant EPOS system, but allows the sharing of client sales back into ResDiary for analysis of customer spend. Managing your reservations, delivery and takeaway orders has never been more easy.
  • Integration to MarketMan restaurant management software – This all-in-one-solution tackles everything from inventory management, purchasing and expense tracking through to recipe costing and vendor payments. Greater automation; less manual input and duplication; the power of Aloha restaurant EPOS integrating with MarketMan.
  • Global Payments integration – NFS are particularly proud of this partnership. Performance benefits include integrated PDQ machines allowing servers to take the PDQ to the table, pick up a check, print, receive payment and close the tab without needing to return to the Aloha terminal. Global Payments’ unique customer portal not only manages transactions, but also analyses customer retention, sales by shift, benchmarking against competition, and how far your customers travel to your establishment.
  • NFS Cloud POS – A new generation of SAAS EPOS has emerged offering easy to use, light versions of traditional EPOS. NFS Cloud POS offers the cloud-based enterprise features restaurants need for online orders, third party delivery integrations and automated inventory and more – combined with full management control, reporting and analysis at unbeatable pricing.

Meet David, our new Customer Success Manager


We’re delighted to welcome David Bianchin to our NFS team in the new role of Customer Success Manager, with a key vision and drive to creating an even better customer experience for our hospitality clients.

David started his career within hospitality recruitment for the cruise line industry before into moving into hotel operations, where he held a number of positions in the 5* industry in Riyadh and London over 15 years.

David then diversified into hospitality operational software, where he took a keen interest in the growth and success of companies utilising these systems. His most recent role before joining NFS was to create and manage a global account management team – the key driving force in customer success.

David said: “In any business, your customers are on a journey. The key is to make that journey positive and engaging by travelling on that journey with them.”

“It is a partnership, and by taking that journey together, you form strong bonds that carry both your customer and your business forward together into a successful and profitable future.”

Restaurant 2022 and Beyond Dinner


Some of the biggest movers and shakers in hospitality shared ideas on the hottest industry topics when they attended a thought leadership event hosted by NFS Technology.

Executives from restaurant groups including Dishoom, Hawksmoor, Marugame and Wahaca were among those who gathered at City Social in Tower 42 to discuss “Restaurant 2022 & Beyond”.

The summit, held over dinner, was hosted by Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology, suppliers of Aloha epos software.

The guest list included founders and chief executives of restaurant chains, as well as operations directors, chief finance officers and IT specialists.

What lies ahead for hospitality operators in 2022?

2022 offers plenty of opportunity for forward-thinking restaurateurs who support their operations with the right technology.

We’ve identified 5 key things to look out for:

  1. Consumer behaviour changes – we’ve already seen a huge evolution in the way customers behave. Expect this to continue, with an increasing emphasis on digital access and convenience, and with loyalty encouraged by two-way conversations via social media; every restaurant and bar is now the heart of a community. Build your virtual brand.
  2. The growth of pay at table – A huge trend that has been accelerated and is definitely here to stay. Staff equipped with hand-held devices or mobiles integrated with the EPOS system can take payments (and orders) at tableside; diners love the speed and convenience.
  3. A better customer experience – With competition now ferocious, and with eating at home now far more popular than before, restaurants need to offer something special. EPOS technology creates the quick and convenient experience they require, from online reservations and ordering to tableside payment; captured data allows restaurants to email attractive offers tailored to each guest. The system also controls labour better, so the serving staff to customer ratio is always right.
  4. Restaurant operational efficiencies – Tableside ordering on tablets or mobile devices means guests’ orders are transmitted instantly to the kitchen for accurate and rapid delivery (the system can integrate with kitchen automation if required). Serving staff are given prompts for upselling, and can spend more of their valuable time with customers rather than running to the kitchen with orders.
  5. Better integration to finance systems—The requirement to streamline across the entire business and remove unnecessary duplication has driven the evolution of integrations. Aloha recently integrated with Xero, allowing the automatic feed of data into the accounting software. We expect to see more integrations like this in the future.

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