Superpower your business with a holistic approach to restaurant management systems


Restaurateurs often need to be superheroes to tackle the challenges of a demanding industry. So it’s good news that technology has become the secret superpower you can call on to support every aspect of your business.

The new generation of restaurant management systems enables operators to take a new, holistic approach to the way they run their outlets – all the way from reservations to loyalty.

So what does holistic mean?

Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology – suppliers of the Aloha and Cloud EPOS systems – says it’s about…everything.

“When restaurants started using EPOS systems, they were simple tools to ease the burden of admin in a busy restaurant,” he says.

“But in our transformed hospitality world now, the best have evolved into holistic ecosystems that support enhance every part of the operation.”

6 ways restaurant management systems superpower operations

  1. Online
  2. Tableside ordering and billing
  3. Efficient seating
  4. Labour
  5. Stock and waste control
  6. Customer loyalty

Online: Even restaurants who never understood the value of being online got the hang of it over the past couple of years. A restaurant management system makes it easy to enable and organise online reservations (reducing the need for hands-on staff involvement), ordering and takeaway or delivery.

Tableside ordering and billing: Extremely convenient for customers, taking orders at tableside on handheld devices or tablets makes service quicker because orders go straight to the kitchen. It cuts the amount of running around, too, so serving staff have the time to interact pleasantly with customers.

Once the meal is finished, tableside payment is fast and accurate, creating a seamless and satisfying guest experience.
Efficient seating. With a graphical seating plan, your front of house staff can minimise waits, place diners in the most efficient way, and increase table turn.

Labour: As labour is hard to find these days, Luis De Souza says: “Restaurateurs are having to pay more attention to the wellbeing of their staff if they want to avoid a recruitment crisis, and restaurant software can provide valuable support to more empathic, staff-friendly management.”

Restaurant EPOS software helps you match staffing levels to your busy/quiet times, ensuring good customer service and reducing staff stress. And because EPOS tracks transactions, it also acts as a deterrent to that uncomfortable occasional aspect of restaurant life, staff fraud.

Stock and waste control: Restaurant management systems provide a pinpoint view of stock levels, and identify best-selling dishes so waste is reduced and customers can always order their favourite.

The best restaurant EPOS systems, such as Aloha by NFS, provide full reports and forecasts on all aspects of the business, from sales to labour and stock. As these are online, they give an easily accessible end-to-end view of operations in real-time.

Loyalty: From quick service to fine dining, all restaurants need to encourage customer loyalty.

EPOS systems help restaurants develop two-way conversations with customers via social media, encouraging encourage a sense of community.

The software also captures valuable data that enables targeted email offers that are likely to hit the mark.


Luis De Souza says: “Over the past couple of years, we’ve discovered the benefits of thinking holistically about our businesses and the way all their elements – including people – work together.

“In the responsive world of hospitality, restaurateurs have definitely grasped this principle.

“At our NFS Restaurant Leaders Dinner, Dishoom co-founder Shamil Thakrar talked of culture being ‘what goes on in the background’, closing the gap between what you promise and what you deliver.

“That’s the kind of holistic thinking we applaud – and it’s where technology is showing its strength in today’s most successful restaurant operations.”

Shamil Thakrar of Dishoom talks culture at the NFS Restaurant Leaders’ DinnerWatch video.

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