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With profits continuing to fall, calls rising for menus to contain calorie labelling and tight allergen controls a necessity, the need for accurate, efficient restaurant management software has never been more urgent.

Technology brands are certainly stepping up to the challenge, evolving restaurant management software and creating partnerships to give hospitality businesses the tools they need to make their operations safe and profitable.

Kitchen CUT is delighted to announce their strategic partnership with NFS Technology, providers of the leading restaurant EPOS system Aloha.

With Aloha restaurant EPOS and Kitchen CUT working together, hospitality teams have everything they need to control ingredients, recipes, menus – and those all-important profits.

Chris Cartmell, NFS Head of Sales for Hospitality, says the new collaboration creates a number of significant benefits for Aloha EPOS system users:

“The resulting comprehensive restaurant management system allows tight cost controls and highlights any potential allergens in ingredients,” he says.

“This live information is then pulled through to each and every sub-recipe, recipe and dish where the ingredient is used, which makes allergens totally traceable.”

Kitchen CUT’s scaleable, cloud-based SaaS technology provides cutting edge software that delivers complete control over F&B operations for companies in more than 55 countries.

While many countries are not covered by the EU legislation, they still endure the same potential danger when it comes to allergen mismanagement. Allergy sufferers need to be cared for, and catered for, wherever they are in the world.

Instead of a manual, error-laden approach to allergen management, it’s sensible to have a robust system in place that the whole team can access. This not only ensures legal compliance but also helps them to provide a seamless service – and it also protects your customers and staff.

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An allergic reaction caused by lack of information or bad information can have catastrophic consequences for diners, their families and the business.

And unfortunately, mistakes are all too easy.


Dishes can consist of multiple recipes pulled together, making it easy to miss an allergen: a dash of thickened soy sauce, a hint of nuts or even a change in your supplier mayonnaise could mean an additional allergen such as celery is inadvertently added.

It’s crucial for your business to have clear processes and for your teams to understand how important it is to follow them. Think about these examples:

  • If your supplier sends a substitute product, what’s the process for checking new allergens? How do you make sure allergen information for the new product is accounted for across every recipe and sub recipe where the product is included?
  • If your supplier delists a product and how will you ensure your chosen alternative is updated across all recipes?
  • How do you manage switching entire suppliers, making sure you update all your recipes and menus?

Kitchen CUT provides accurate allergen information because suppliers can upload product price and allergen data through a Supplier Gateway. It’s free for suppliers to use and gives control over the products and allergen data they are supplying.

Once approved, ingredients become available in the system for use – it means chefs can go on being creative in the sure knowledge that allergens are tracked from ingredient level to every sub recipe, dish and menu. It’s all tracked accurately and automatically kept up to date.

The Kitchen CUT system also gives reassurance that you have a robust process and system in place to protect customers against oversights or potential mistakes.

Whether you run an individual outlet or a group, it’s imperative to take allergens seriously.

It’s time to stop relying on individuals because this method is prone to human error. Instead, adopt a process and system that tracks allergens directly from your suppliers and vendors right through to your menus.

The NFS and Kitchen CUT partnership allows you to do exactly that – effortlessly.

  • Get more information about Kitchen CUT or a free online demo by emailing or calling +44 (0) 330 113 0050

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