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These are exciting times for restaurant operators. After an extraordinary period of uncertainty, the industry is beginning to show signs of recovery and operators are already enjoying a tremendous boost thanks to outdoor dining. In fact, there is even a possibility that pubs may even run dry.

Now is the time to make hay while the sun is shining. Technology is the catalyst for capitalising on this new demand and for ensuring that you convert these guests to long-term customers.

Let’s explore how restaurant EPOS software can improve the guest experience, increase efficiency, improve client acquisition leading to increased revenue and profits.

Embrace mobile technology

Like most things in life, restaurant EPOS software becomes inherently more useful when it’s mobile.

The order-taking process becomes far more efficient when your wait staff can take orders quickly using handheld technology. Order accuracy is 100% as they no longer need to rely on fallible handwriting and easily misplaced paper. Integration with kitchen automation means that orders are sent straight through to the kitchen. With no need to ring up the orders on a till they can move quickly onto the next guest.

With such great efficiency you can significantly increase table turns and speed up guest service – a win-win for everyone. Looking to the future, such technology is also great for busting queues – simply take order from guests while they are waiting at the bar.

An integrated approach

Technology works great on its own but when you link restaurant EPOS software to other applications it becomes an even more compelling option.

As we have seen above, integrating the restaurant EPOS software with the handheld terminals and kitchen automation creates an incredibly efficient workflow.

Further integration between the restaurant EPOS software and, say, third-party delivery platforms means you can offer a great service to your clients even when they are not able to make it to your beer garden and capture important data for remarketing purposes.

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Offer payment at table

Mobility is not just great for your wait staff it is also demanded by your guests. No-one wants to wait around for the bill and thankfully due to mobile pay at table solutions they no longer have to.

Again, it is another win-win for your guests and for you. They can leave as soon as they finish and being totally contactless it is a safe, secure and efficient way to process client checks. Faster payments means faster table turns and less time for your staff to spend worrying about printing bills and collecting payments.

In fact, you may never need to print a bill again as it’s emailed directly to the client – efficient, eliminates paper and Covid-safe.

And finally, such solutions can be loaded with pre-set tip amounts so your staff will welcome the technology too!

Power up your marketing

Marketing is important at any time of year. However, with such a long lull in service it is imperative that you get this right in order to capitalise on the pent up demand while ensuring a steady stream of customers when the hype has died down and things have returned to normal.

Using data from your restaurant EPOS software, you can start marketing to your guests old and new. Look for a solution that enables you to easily segment your guests so you can run laser-targeted promotions across email and SMS.

Marketing automation means that you no longer need to manage your marketing on a daily basis – it can be a case of set it and forget it.

Analyse your data for continuous improvement

A restaurant EPOS software solution will also aid in the process of continuous improvement.

For example, you can identify your high value guests and target them to increase their revenue contribution over time. You can even identify which guests need an incentive to return and segment them against those who will pay full price.

One size no longer fits all – with the right data you can drill down and get a deeper understanding of what motivates your guests at a highly personal level and tailor your loyalty and marketing campaigns to get the most impact and, most importantly, increase their lifetime value.

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Restaurant EPOS software has evolved to being far more than a tool for processing guest transactions.

Such a solution is now at the heart of the guest experience with the ability to offer the convenience of mobile payments, drive faster service and lift your marketing campaigns.

The capability to create highly personalised marketing campaigns, as opposed to a simplistic blanket incentive scheme, means you can increase the life time value of your guests with no need to discount – great for your overall revenues.

For more tips on how to increase revenues and power up your marketing check out the new Restaurant Leaders Handbook today!

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