Coyote Ugly makes its mark on the UK with the help of Aloha EPOS from NFS

Coyote Ugly makes its mark on the UK with the help of Aloha EPOS from NFS

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Following a successful UK launch in Cardiff, the celebrated New York-based bar Coyote Ugly is expanding to Liverpool.

Coyote Ugly’s eyecatching saloon concept has been a huge hit already in the US, with venues from Las Vegas to New Orleans. It’s based on a New York bar made famous by the movie with the same name.

Coyote Ugly has customer service high on the agenda, and in the UK the company uses technology including the Aloha EPOS management system from NFS Technology Group to make operations seamless.

Chris Young, Coyote Ugly General Manager, said: “Aloha EPOS is vital for us for everything from stock control, employee performance, incentive monitoring and cost control.”

NFS Technology provides software internationally including EPOS management systems and hotel PMS systems. The group is currently the Gold Sponsor of the Restaurant Association’s 50th birthday celebrations – see here for more details.

Chris said: “With Aloha, live data gives us an overview of multiple sites alongside up-to-the-minute analysis of sales, wages, like-for-like data v last week and last year. Aloha helps streamline our business with data.”

Coyote Ugly says Aloha EPOS has helped them speed up service, satisfying demanding customers. NFS’ 24-hour award-winning support desk is important for a late-night saloon operator. 

Chris said: “The flexibility of the software, which has with tabs and tables service functions, enables us to provide a better customer experience.”

Coyote Ugly also uses the Aloha EPOS management system to encourage customers to return.

“We have an excellent loyalty card scheme in place through the integrated EPOS software, which encourages repeat business,” said Chris.

“We have enormous flexibility to run tailored offers for loyalty card holders – and the system’s excellent data capture gives me the opportunity to do direct marketing effectively for my regular customers.”

CEO of NFS Technology Group Luis De Souza said Coyote Ugly is not alone in finding out the benefits of an Aloha EPOS management system.

“In a highly competitive trading environment, bars and restaurants that have the edge are use advanced technology to make operations seamless,” he said.

“We’re proud that Aloha from NFS is helping Coyote Ugly with their expansion in the UK – it’s a superb company with a great customer service ethos.”

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