Busy year of growth for NFS and Aloha EPOS software

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It’s been a busy year for Aloha by NFS, the leading EPOS software for restaurants, bars and hotels – and 2020 is looking even more positive.

The company has seen existing clients expanding internationally, new clients coming on board and technology partners being selected to add further strength to the Aloha EPOS software mix.

Here’s just a flavour of some of the big developments in 2019.

New partners

Keeping ahead of trends in the hospitality industry is vital in these quick-changing times, and NFS is constantly building on the capabilities of Aloha to meet new demand.

Deliveroo: With home delivery opening up new revenue streams for many restaurants, NFS added integration with Deliveroo to its armoury this year.

Head of sales Chris Cartmell says: “Aloha now really streamlines the process of fulfilling home orders for many restaurants.

“When a customer orders via Deliveroo, the Aloha takeout management system displays the order at exactly the right time on a tablet in the kitchen or prints it via the kitchen printer – there’s no need to re-key the order into the system.

“This saves staff time and means the order is prepared swiftly for delivery with the minimum of admin.”

Alexa: Aloha’s new Voice Ordering service harnesses Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to provide customers with an incredibly effortless link to your restaurant or bar. It works like this:

Customer: “Hey, Alexa – open the app for my favourite eating place.”

Alexa: “Would you like your usual?”

The customer says yes or no, making another selection if necessary, then agrees the delivery or collection time. The order is relayed instantly to the restaurant kitchen and payment is taken automatically.

Como: Aloha is now partnered with this leading customer loyalty program, which helps hospitality businesses track of all their customers and know their every move—then motivate them to come back and spend more.

Kitchen CUT: NFS has consolidated its relationship with this unique software that helps chefs designing meals to track potential allergens right down to ingredient level, and also provides a tremendous ability to calculate and cost individual dishes and menus.

Aloha customers

Aloha by NFS is used by a wide range of hospitality businesses across the world, including Hawksmoor and Dishoom, who appreciate the way it streamlines operations, controls stock and labour and reduces waste.

But several clients have made some particularly significant moves during 2019 with the help of the more-than-EPOS system. They include:


The incredibly successful UK based craft beer brewing and bar company uses Aloha across its estate – and recently extended it to Australia.

Chris Cartmell says: “BrewDog have successfully opened their DogTap Brisbane, which is a brewery as well as bar, and asked for support from Aloha by NFS.

“We sent all of the technology Down Under, and it’s up and running perfectly for this amazingly ambitious and innovative customer.”

BrewDog have also opened another DogTap in Berlin, and are due to open an Outpost branch in Dublin.

Coyote Ugly

The bar chain has continued to expand across the UK – and will soon be operating as far afield as Cologne in Germany and Singapore, with launches planned.

New clients have also been gaining the benefits of Aloha by NFS all through the year – one of the latest is the M Restaurant group, which has merged with a long-standing Aloha customer, the Argentinian-style steak restaurant group Gaucho.

Aloha is operating in the fine dining sphere, too – in September, chef Ben Tish opened Norma at the Stafford on Charlotte Street in Fitzovia, London, inspired by his travels around the Southern Mediterranean.

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9 reasons why hospitality businesses choose Aloha by NFS

1. Handheld devices

Servers use handheld devices including tablets and smartphones to take customers’ orders and payments at tableside, while managers can see operations online via their mobile or laptop.

2. Speedy service

Serving staff send orders straight to the kitchen, where the Aloha EPOS software integrates with kitchen automation screens or printers so the meal is delivered swiftly. And after the meal, staff can take payment at tableside, splitting bills easily.

3. More engaged guests

The technology captures important information about your guests from the minute they book online. This includes info on their preferences – e.g. vegan food, or a preferred table – so you can create targeted email offers to bring them back again.

4. Easier course management

You can split courses to assist the kitchen, and make amendments such as a starter being chosen as a main course. In the kitchen, your printer or screen can be set up so it displays the correct information to each station.

5. Improved menu management

With Aloha EPOS software, you can manage the display for different times of day so your staff do not have to deal with a huge menu to deal with. You display a screen layout appropriate to the job code of the staff member.

6. Flexible order management

The software provides flexible table maps where you can allocate specific orders to tables. You can transfer the whole ticket or part of it, and merge or split tables up if the guests move.

7. Better control of costs, waste and allergens

Aloha EPOS software gives you valuable control over areas ranging from costs to ingredient selection and allergen warnings.

It tracks popular menu items, spots trends and delivers useful forecast reports so you can make good procurement decisions and reduce waste.

8. Improved cash management

Aloha EPOS software tracks all transactions in real time so you can constantly view your cash position.

9. Skilled staff

Aloha is easy to use, and staff can up and running on it within a couple of hours.

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