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Labour can be one of the biggest costs for any successful restaurateur. It pays to be as efficient as possible and ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment.

A recent business confidence survey of restaurateurs found that 47% of respondents were concerned about productivity.

Thankfully, technology is there to make your operation more efficient. Let’s explore how.

1) Labour management software

Thanks to labour management software you can save time on staff scheduling by making the process automated and secure. Schedules can be updated dynamically and changes can be communicated to staff in seconds.

The labour management software does more than rota management. It uses historical data so you can forecast your future labour needs with pinpoint accuracy. Managers can focus their time on running the business in the knowledge that staffing is always optimised.

Thank to integration with accounting software packages and the ability to accurately track actual worked hours will save your accounts team hours every month.

2) Handheld ordering technology

Using handheld ordering terminals is a great way to improve productivity. They eliminate any errors or omissions due to illegible handwriting and because they are linked to the EPOS software they save staff time having to key in orders.

As orders are processed more efficiently tables can be turned faster. Wait staff can concentrate their time on serving guests and upselling. Drinks orders, for example, can be sent to the bar in seconds.

3) Kitchen automation

Linking the handheld ordering to a kitchen automation solution also drives efficiency and ultimately increasing table turns. Orders can be sent through – with accuracy – straight through to the kitchen.

Going forward, data analysis enables chefs and managers to identify opportunities for improvement and to run the kitchen like a well-oiled machine.

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4) Self-service

Solutions such as self-ordering kiosks cut wait times and speed the processing of orders. Integration with the EPOS ensures order accuracy and further innovations such as mobile payment systems are time and, potentially, labour saving.

You can run an efficient operation, process orders accurately and employ a reduced number of staff.

5) Online ordering

Having an effective online ordering platform can save hours per week. Staff no longer need to manually enter orders into the EPOS system – integration takes care of that – so they can spend more time serving customers or preparing orders.

Further efficiencies are created by increased efficiency in the order flow – typically 40%. It’s a win-win as staff are more productive and customers are served faster – a key factor in repeat business.

6) Enterprise software

An enterprise solution is recommended for larger operators and groups as it can pinpoint areas for improvement. It also saves a lot of time in administrative tasks while also helping to grow the business at scale.

Using a cloud-based solution senior management can interrogate the productivity of all their sites at a glance. Mobile alerts enable them to nip problems in the bud swiftly.

The solution can also be used to update menus across a whole estate – in seconds and with integration with digital signage this is instant. Enterprise-level CRM ensures that targeted marketing campaigns are executed swiftly and accurately.


Applying the right technology to your operation can deliver immediate impact on your staff’s productivity.

Labour management software is central any organisation looking to analyse and predict how their staff can be best utilised but it needs to be part of a bigger picture. You need to look at not only when your staff are on shift but how they can best utilise that precious time.

Technology achieves optimum efficiency. Elements of self-service and automation can bring dividends in the quest for greater staff productivity. Enterprise solutions drive continuous improvement and offer even greater time efficiencies.

Check out our video to see how digital transformation can create a lean and profitable operation. Or read our Restaurant Leaders Handbook for great tips and informative case studies.

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