Aloha EPOS: Restaurant POS Software that optimises Restaurant Management

Aloha Point of Sale software is much more than a replacement for a till or cash register. This powerful restaurant EPOS software optimises restaurant and bar management, whilst increasing revenues. In one complete solution Aloha EPOS software offers seamless integration between stock control, labour management, loyalty and gift cards, head office management, table reservations, guest management, tableside ordering and mobile payment systems. Fine dining restaurants, bar and fast-food operators alike have found this EPOS software’s use invaluable in running a cost-efficient business and outstanding for cost control, management reporting and integration to the back office. The use of restaurant EPOS systems and bar EPOS in staff scheduling and labour management is invaluable. EPOS systems also have the ability to track table status, relay the time that tables are left unseated, maximise seating efficiency and capture key guest information. And now with the addition to this restaurant EPOS software of the Aloha Restaurant Guard hosted application, it’s possible to identify potential scam events in a restaurant or bar and deter future theft. Launched in the US market two years ago, Restaurant Guard now has more than 20,000 active users worldwide. It works by importing up to one year’s worth of data from point of sale to learn what normal behaviour for a specific restaurant is. Then it monitors employee activity through transaction patterns and statistical variances, after which a weekly report is generated that shows transactions matching documented fraud patterns. Clients already using the EPOS software include:-

  • The Mogford Group of Oxford-based hotels and restaurants
  • Hand Picked Hotels
  • Mahiki, London’s ultimate destination for the cocktail lover.
  • Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, a centre of fine dining in Dublin
  • Shaka Zulu, London’s largest South African restaurant and nightclub.
  • Kingsholm Stadium, home of Gloucester Rugby.
  • Euphorium Bakery, rapidly expanding in London.

Aloha EPOS software is a product of the NFS Hospitality group, experts in hospitality EPOS systems who support a range of integrated facilities for bars, restaurants, hotels, golf and private member clubs. With offices in the UK, Ireland, USA and South Africa, and an international customer base of more than 1,000 clients, NFS offer a fully-manned, 24/7 helpdesk, with consulting and training services for all clients for the EPOS systems. NFS partner with leading companies such as NCR and Fourth Hospitality to offer the best of breed solution of EPOS systems for their clients. The Aloha suite of software is a world-beating restaurant EPOS software and bar EPOS systems for all kinds of restaurants and bars. Users range from the bars of a rugby stadium in Gloucestershire, to London’s biggest South African restaurant and night club, where the EPOS software’s sophisticated and adaptable technology caters for the customers’ many and diverse needs. Here’s where to find information about how to put Aloha restaurant POS software to work for you.