A few new year resolutions that restaurateurs should follow in 2021

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Good riddance, 2020! It’s New Year resolutions time again – and 2021 is the year to make them stick.

As we move through the year and trading conditions ease, you’ll need to be ready to grab any opportunities that come your way. So here are 5 promises to make to yourself – and your business – right now.

  • 1. I will update my website
  • 2. I’m going to check my tech
  • 3. We’re going to go contactless
  • 4. Let’s be more wow!
  • 5. I will grow my brand
1. I will update my website

It’s your window on the world – and it’s never been more important. Last year saw consumer behaviour shifting ever further towards online purchasing, and the same goes in hospitality.

Take a fresh look at your website, as if you were a potential diner. Does it really give a fair impression of your restaurant and food? Do the images look good? Can customers make a reservation, or order a takeaway easily?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, it’s time to invest a little and get a website that does your business justice. After all, it’s the first contact many potential guests will have with you.

2. I’m going to check my tech

Restaurant management technology really showed off its strengths during 2020, when operators used it for everything from making operational efficiencies such as labour and stock control, to setting up new takeaway businesses.

Restaurant management technology also captures data and creates real-time reports that give you a full picture of your operations, so you can make sensible, well-supported decisions.

If you don’t have this technology, you should seriously consider it – and if you do have a system, assess its capabilities and see if you can do better.

3. We’re going to go contactless

Contactless ordering and payments proved invaluable during the coronacrisis, but even as health concerns ease they provide many benefits.

Customers appreciate the convenience of tableside ordering themselves, and their food is delivered quicker because the order is sent straight to the kitchen – a good restaurant management system integrates with kitchen automation if required.

Contactless payment means they can pay and go, without any hanging around, and also minimises any temptation for staff fraud.

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4. Let’s be more wow!

Going to have to work hard to get all those sofa surfers back into your restaurant…good food and stylish surroundings are great, but you’ll need to add extra value to wow them.

Think chef demos, themed nights, live music, cocktail tasting…whatever will appeal to your target audience. Then be sure to tell them about it on social media – see our guide to Instagram for tips.

5. I will grow my brand

Maybe you branched out from necessity during the lockdowns into takeaway, cook-at-home kits, drive-thru…many did, and many are now hanging onto these new and previously unexpected revenue streams.

Once more normal life is restored, don’t neglect this area of your business, but instead think about how it might grow. Argentine steak house operators Gaucho, for instance, created a whole new brand for their takeout operation, called Meat and Bun.

Use social media and your website to grow your brand by reaching out to your customers, responding to them when they get in touch, and encouraging loyalty with special offers – your restaurant management technology captures data that shows what will bring them back for another visit.


We all make New Year resolutions, of course, and they usually last no longer than a week or two. So that’s your final resolution for 2021 – don’t let any of these promises slide.

All of our best wishes to you, your employees and your customers in the coming year; we’re here to support you in your resolutions, whatever you need.

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