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Self-Service Check-in Kiosks
Mobile Concierge Services
Virtual Reservations and Waitlisting
Contactless Payments and Mobile POS
Guest Feedback and Surveys

Queuing has long been a negative part of the dining out experience, queuing to get in, queuing to order and then queuing to pay, with the arrival of technology, we are now finding solutions to an age old problem, queue busting is in full effect!

As a restaurant business owner, you understand the importance of providing exceptional guest experiences. Long queues and wait times can detract from the overall satisfaction of your customers. However, with the arrival of technology, queue busting has emerged as a game-changing solution for the industry.

Queue busting refers to the implementation of solutions that reduce or eliminate queues and waiting times, ultimately enhancing guest experiences. By embracing innovative strategies, hospitality businesses can optimise operations, increase guest satisfaction, and improve overall efficiency. Let’s delve into technology-driven queue busting techniques that can transform the way you serve your guests.

  1. Self-Service Check-in Kiosks: Integrating self-service check-in kiosks can revolutionise the check-in process for hotels and resorts. Guests can independently complete the check-in process, including entering personal details, selecting room preferences, and even obtaining room keys. By reducing dependence on front desk staff, self-service kiosks expedite the check-in procedure, minimising queues, and offering guests a seamless arrival experience.
  2. Mobile Concierge Services: Mobile concierge applications provide guests with instant access to a range of services, such as room service orders, spa reservations, and housekeeping requests. By leveraging mobile technology, guests can conveniently request services from their smartphones, eliminating the need to physically wait in line or call the front desk. This not only enhances guest satisfaction but also increases operational efficiency for your hospitality business.
  3. Virtual Reservations and Waitlisting: Virtual reservation systems enable guests to book their preferred dining time in advance, reducing the need for waiting lists or physical queues at restaurants. Additionally, waitlisting technology allows guests to join a virtual queue remotely, receiving notifications and updates on their wait time. By providing guests with real-time information, you can manage guest expectations and create a more pleasant waiting experience.
  4. Contactless Payments and Mobile POS: Incorporating contactless payment options and mobile point of sale (POS) systems allows for seamless and efficient payment processing. Guests can make payments using mobile wallets or NFC-enabled devices, eliminating the need for physical contact and reducing transaction times. With mobile POS devices, staff members can conveniently process payments table side, minimising queues at the payment counter and providing a more personalised guest experience.
  5. Guest Feedback and Surveys: Implementing digital feedback systems and guest surveys allows you to collect valuable insights and identify areas for improvement. By proactively seeking guest feedback, you can address concerns promptly and make necessary adjustments to enhance the overall guest experience. Actively engaging with guest feedback demonstrates your commitment to providing excellent service and helps build guest loyalty.

For hospitality businesses, technology-driven queue busting techniques are revolutionising guest experiences. By embracing self-service check-in kiosks, mobile concierge services, virtual reservations, contactless payments, intelligent staff allocation, and guest feedback systems, you can minimise queues, reduce wait times, and create a seamless and memorable experience for your guests. Embracing these technological advancements not only improves guest satisfaction but also contributes to the success and reputation of your hospitality business.



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