7 reasons why EPoS and mobile payments give restaurants the competitive edge

Even when credit cards first came into use in the 1980s, people were predicting the arrival of the cashless society.

It never quite happened, of course – but with the arrival of mobile payment methods and a new generation born to use them, it could finally be on the cards…

For today’s restaurant industry, mobile payment presents huge opportunities. But there is a downside, too.

The opportunities are easy to see. Mobile payments are super-quick and convenient for customers, speeding up the guest experience and making table turn that bit more rapid.

The downside, of course, is that not all restaurants are geared up yet with an electronic point of sale (EPoS) system that can take mobile payments.

It’s not particularly an issue right now, because consumers are being a little slow on the uptake of this new technology. But despite that, it’s predicted that by 2020 around 56% of consumers will be using mobile payments.

So if you run a restaurant, it would be wrong to ignore mobile payment methods.

There are other current trends that make it worthwhile to invest in EPoS with mobile payment capability. For instance, the move towards casual dining – where diners spend around £10-20 a time, and spend around 45 minutes in the restaurant – is growing all over the world.

So what if you’re a restaurant without EPoS, let alone mobile payment facilities? You’re certainly missing out on a lot of opportunities.

EPoS is a useful tool. This restaurant management system not only helps restaurants, bars and venues save time, labour and cash but also backs that up with comprehensive reporting so restaurant and hotel owners can make informed strategic decisions.

Today’s typical guests – and particularly if they are millennials – are likely to have arrived at your establishment by making a reservation online after checking out reviews of the restaurant.

Your EPoS system captures data to help you greet them personally and get them seated quickly. Then your staff can use its hand-held technology to take the order and send it directly to the kitchen for a swift and correct delivery.

When it’s time for the guest to leave, EPOS proves to be worth its weight in gold once again.

Waiting for staff using hand-held EPOS can split the bill at tableside, so there’s no wrangling over who pays what, then take payment at the same time, including credit and debit card payments. The bill can be printed off wirelessly to cut down time even further.

To this, restaurants and hotels can now easily add the capability to take mobile payments, thanks to a new generation of customer service apps such as Zapper, which sits comfortably alongside many EPoS systems.

As well as facilitating payment, customers can even leave feedback afterward. Once they leave your restaurant, they receive an exclusive voucher to encourage a return visit.

EPoS already provides detailed management reporting to help restaurateurs make informed decisions, and the mobile payment app enhances this.

It creates 7 advantages:

  • Fast and efficient front of house service
  • Great online booking
  • Easy ordering – particularly for big groups
  • Superb interaction between front of house and kitchen
  • Quick and convenient payment
  • Improved margins
  • Enhanced customer loyalty

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