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Imagine a restaurant that can seat up to 1,000 diners, and imagine it has more than one kitchen. How would you keep track of where diners are, what they have ordered, which kitchen is handling it, how many courses are still waiting to be served?

How would you keep track of when they leave, and their table is to be made ready for the next customer?

Behind the scenes, you also need an efficient table reservations process – not to mention controlling costs while increasing sales.

It’s all about balancing performance against objectives – and today, that means selecting the right restaurant EPOS software solution to support your venture.

The solution many restaurants are choosing today is the Aloha system from NFS Technology Group.

Aloha restaurant EPOS software helps restaurateurs to build effective operations, give guests the experience they expect and achieve growth.

The technology consists of closely integrated components that make the most of existing assets while increasing operational capabilities.

The restaurant quoted above is imaginary, but it’s not far removed from London’s largest South African restaurant and nightclub, Shaka Zulu. Set over 27,000 square feet in The Stables Market in Camden, it’s the biggest venue of its type in Europe.

The huge restaurant is set on two floors, holding 850 diners and boasting two fully-equipped kitchens. Shaka Zulu opened for business in 2010, and ever since Aloha restaurant EPOS software has been the hub of the business.

Shaka Zulu’s founder Roger Payne says: “Aloha handles all our transactions, including client data and customer loyalty schemes.

“It is linked too with the table reservation system in our Braai Restaurant. It’s important to know when a table becomes vacant and to understand where any customer is at any time.

“For instance, a customer might start in the bar before moving on to eat. Aloha tells us when the customer goes to the table, and when each course has been served. Our waiters call away food orders from table to kitchen, using hand-held terminals linked to the system.”

A restaurant EPOS software solution that’s fast, reliable, flexible and easily managed is a key component in delivering service that keeps guests coming back.

Aloha has evolved into a powerful solution that optimises management and actively increases revenues for restaurants and bars.

The technology offers effortless integration between labour and guest management, stock control, loyalty programmes and gift cards, head office management, table reservations, tableside ordering and mobile payment.

When Roger was setting up Shaka Zulu, he considered the technology he would need for his ambitious project. Aware of Aloha’s success in several large-scale US restaurants, he decided the NFS system was the best solution – and the rest is history.

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