7 ways to build your brand fast with the quick service EPOS toolkit

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Quick service – the secret of success LIES in that word ‘quick’. When customer service requires a grab and run situation, you need to be very good to stand out from the crowd.

Today’s quick service customers have reduced dramatically the length of their interactions with your customer service team, thanks to online ordering and kiosks.

And while that’s great for satisfying their need for speedy food delivery, it doesn’t give your brand much time to build relationships with its clients.

In a highly competitive market, that’s not good news – so using your quick service EPOS system, we’ve come up with 6 great ways you can create customer satisfaction and build loyalty and repeat business.

  • Online presence
  • Targeted offers
  • Non-stop reliable service
  • Safe, convenient payment
  • Integration with kitchen automation
  • Delivery integration
  • Reports and forecasts

Online presence

You only see your customers for a moment – or maybe not at all if they opt for delivery. But that’s no reason you can’t build a relationship with them.

Quick service EPOS helps you build an online presence that enables feedback and generates two-way conversations with your customer base.

This builds an attractive sense of community around your business that – for your fans – sets you apart from the competition.

Targeted offers

The quick-service EPOS software helps you grow customer loyalty by capturing data that give you insight into their preferences and key dates.

It means you can email them targeted offers or promo codes that they are likely to act upon, because they hit the mark – a money-off voucher for their birthday, for example.

Non-stop reliable service

Quick service outlets fail if anything interrupts that speed of delivery. A good quick service EPOS is designed to provide the tools and features restaurants need to keep service running seamlessly.

Aloha EPOS from NFS, for instance, brings speed and reliability to food delivery and customer service via an easy-to-learn interface that means serving staff are up and running on it without delay.

Safe, convenient payment

This is a biggie for today’s customers, particularly those in a real hurry. Quick service EPOS enables rapid, contact-free payment and eliminates manual entry for quicker transactions – important in high-volume situations.

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Integration with kitchen automation

Aloha quick service EPOS, used by thousands of restaurants worldwide, integrates seamlessly with other restaurant technologies such as kitchen automation.

With the order directed automatically to the appropriate prep stations, human error is eliminated and food delivery speeds up. It all adds up to a highly satisfactory experience that the customer will remember and want to repeat.

Delivery integration

When choosing your quick service EPOS, select one, which, like Aloha by NFS, syncs to major food delivery apps so orders come direct to your restaurant. It also consolidates online orders on one screen.

Reports and forecasts

For single or multi-site operations, Aloha provides comprehensive reports that give a real-time view of the whole operation accessible online whenever you need it.

It supports good decision-making and planning on labour, stock and procurement you need to keep the whole show effortlessly on the road and pleasing customers.

So quick doesn’t mean a wasted opportunity.

Your interactions with your customers may be brief, digital or fleeting – but there’s still plenty of opportunity to maximise the customer service element of your offering.

Your restaurant technology builds your reputation as an appealing place to eat in two ways – by making the most of your interactions and the wrap you put around them, and by making every visit a satisfying and convenient experience.

In other words, your quick service EPOS software works hard every day to help you build a brand that beats competitors and wins repeat business. That’s what you call a quick win.

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